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The Text to AR mobile app.

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AR Text simplifies the process of creating and showcasing AR experiences in Augmented Reality.

In the era of social media, making a lasting impression on your audience is crucial. Augmented Reality provides a fully immersive experience for your audience, and with AR Text, you can now bring your message to life. It's time to add creativity to your social media posts.

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AR Text, AR Frame, AR Portal and AR Code to simplify Augmented Reality

In response to the growth of AR trends, we initially developed the ARCode platform, which allows AR experiences to be anchored in any environment. To facilitate the creation of these experiences, we then created the AR Text web app and iOS mobile app, streamlining the process of designing personalized 3D messages. What better way to make a statement, promote a brand, or express emotions than with a 3D text displayable in augmented reality with just a few clicks?

The simplicity and interoperability of our AR Code, AR Frame and AR Text products remain at the heart of our AR vision. As such, the AR Text application for iOS allows you to directly generate the AR Code of your experience and thus to share or locate it via this code.

To unlock complete access to the statistics of your AR experience, as well as the advanced features of, simply enter your API key directly into the AR Text app.

Express your creativity with fully customizable 3D texts

AR Code text

When it comes to the creative aspect of AR Text, we have included a wide range of customization options to choose from:

  • Over 155 stylish and fun fonts
  • Unlimited color choice on an interactive palette
  • 50 AR modeling sessions per day in the free version of the application, an unlimited number of AR modeling with AR Text Premium
  • Texts up to 15 characters for light 3D USDZ experiences, quickly modelable and accessible

Don't wait any longer, create your first Augmented Reality experience on AR Text for iOS or via our web interface on